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Upper East Region of Ghana- Rural

The Context

The Upper East Region (UER) of Ghana is an extremely poor region of one million people, with healthcare indicators lagging behind the rest of Ghana. One in nine children currently die before their fifth birthday with 70% of people in the north of Ghana living on the equivalent of less than $1 per day.


A huge problem is medical professionals’ reluctance to work in the region which is far less developed than the rest of the country and where opportunities for professional development are extremely limited. To put this into perspective, in the UK there is roughly 1 doctor for every 400 people and in the Upper East Region of Ghana, 1 doctor for every 26,829.


The G.A.S. Partnership for health is turning this situation around. Seen as a personal development opportunity for volunteers from Southampton and the staff in Ghana, the G.A.S. Partnership is breaking new ground in the development of international links for health. Started by pioneers funding their own training visits from Southampton, the Partnership has now been formally recognised by UHS and the UK government through DFID funding and has ambitious plans for the UER over the next decade.


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