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Dr Ernest in Theatre
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Theatres and Anaesthetics

Theatres and Anaesthetics are working to improve surgical outcomes across the UER by the use of safe surgery practice (obstetric and general). As well as delivering a continuous professional development course for all nurse anaesthetists, the need for pulse oximeters in the seven institutions the Partnership works with was identified and the equipment since sourced.


There is a focus on establishing the World Health Organisation’s safe surgery checklist as a standard procedure in the theatres of the seven of the main health institutions the Partnership works with, and capacity is being built of staff to ensure safer theatre and anaesthetic practices. Recovery is also another key focus area, with training to be carried out on recovery practices.


‘We are very lucky for region to have the G.A.S. means less hospital acquired infection and a reduced hospital stay’

Participant in a CPD workshop

Primary Trauma Care Foundation - Course Report


In June 2015, a team from the Primary Trauma Care Foundation delivered a training course in Bolgatanga, Ghana's Upper East Region. The course report from that training can be viewed here.

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    Primary Trauma Care Foundation - Trip Report

    Last Updated: 12/08/15

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