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    Winners of the Third Sector Excellence Award for Public Sector Partnership 2011

Ambulance Rally
Winning the Third Sector Excellence Award

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Southampton Hospital donates two ambulance to the Upper East Region - click here to read the full feature




October 2012: Last weekend a successful Beer Festival was held to raise money for the GAS Partnership. It was a great event with lots of entertainment, music, beer and fun for all the family. Thank you to those who organised the event and those who supported it! On the 20th October is a Go Karting event at Thruxton. For more information email [email protected]


August 2012: An Ambulance Rally video has kindly been put together by Dave Brown of APE Inc. It is a brilliant montage of footage which gives a really good idea of the challenge that was faced by our 4 intrepid volunteers in getting the vehicles to the UER, as well as the beautiful landscapes that they saw along the way. You can view the video by clicking here.


August 2012: Welcome to Clement Onmeba, the new G.A.S. Coordinator in Ghana! We hope he enjoys being part of the G.A.S. family and really look forward to working with him.


31st May 2012: A shipment of donated equipment including an x-ray machine, rescusitation manikins, an oxygen concentrator, bed frames, mattresses and many other items arrived in Tema today. We would like to thank Bishopsgate Specialist Installations for all the help and expertise they provided to us to get the equipment to Ghana. They have written about the experience on their website here. The equipment will be distributed among all 7 hospitals and will make a large impact on the region. 


May 2012: We are delighted to report that the Ambulance Rally team of Malvena Stuart-Taylor, Ben Allenby, Nick Eastcott and Bob Chaundy made it! It was  a trip involving unpredictable events, unforgettable moments and incredible memories, one that took them through 7 countries in 21 days, raising over £30,000 and delivering 2 reliable vehicles to the Upper East Region of Ghana to be used as Ambulances.


To read more about the adventure from the volunteers themselves, please click here.


There were times where due to the instability caused by the coup in Mali, it was thought that it was not going to be possible to keep going, but the Ambulance team soldiered on. They showed bravery, incredible team spirit, and immense perseverance. Thank you to everyone who took part and those who supported. In addition to the  two ambulances which will provide transport in an emergency to severely ill individuals, the funds raised will provide vital specialist training and also enable us to procure and ship key items of equipment to carry on with the successful work of the Partnership.


March 2012: The Upper East Region has a pitiful total of 8 ambulances to serve a population of 1.1 million which equates to 7 hospitals and nearly 200 clinics and health centres. A team of volunteers are currently undertaking an adventure to drive two ambulances overland to Ghana to boost the number of emergency vehicles there. So far they are doing well, negotiating rough terrain and adapting to route changes as a result of military coups! Good luck to them!


September 2011: On the 28th September 2011, representatives of the G.A.S. Partnership attended the Third Sector Excellence Awards Dinner where we were announced as winners of the ‘Public Sector Partnership' category. This is a huge achievement for everyone and shows just how far we have come in 2 years. Many congratulations to all.


Please see our newsletters for an up-to-date picture of the activities of the G.A.S. Partnership.




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