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Maternity Training


Maternal Health

The aim of the Maternal Health Specialty is to reduce maternal & perinatal mortality to meet Millennium Development Goals 4&5 (reduce child mortality and improve maternal health). They are doing this through improving local training for staff at all levels, carrying out equipment needs assessments, and the development of a Train the Trainers initiative for delivery of emergency obstetric skills training at local facilities


Midwifery has been an area of really exciting development for the Partnership with training being  delivered to over 250 health practitioners the midwifery training programme setting standards in terms of changing practices and peer to peer communication. Staff have been motivated to challenge the status quo and to take ownership of their areas to facilitate change.


In one institution midwives have decided to try, for the first time, to allow women to give birth in whatever position they are most comfortable with (previously they had to be lying down) to see if this encourages more women to give birth in the hospital rather than at home.


“As counter leads for maternity from the UK & Ghana we believe that no mother should die giving birth to a child and each child must have the best chance to survive and thrive.”

Sally Burton and Afua Williams, Leads for the GAS Partnership Maternal Health Specialty.




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    Progress in Maternity

    Last Updated: 02/02/16


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    Representation for Skills & Drills Mandatory Training in Ghana

    Last Updated: 04/01/16


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    Achievements & Benefits: Maternal Health in Ghana

    Last Updated: 09/03/15


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    Mandatory Training 2016 - Skills & Drills

    Last Updated: 04/01/16

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